admissions photoThank you for your interest in Adams Montessori School. There are many ways to express our educational philosophy, perhaps none better than in the words of our founder, Maria Montessori, who once wrote that “education is acquired not by listening to words but by experiences.”

As proud as we are of our beautiful school building, we know that our program is successful because under that roof we have a diverse community of children, families and teachers who are passionate about learning and discovery. Our experience as educators has taught us that children learn through hands-on activities; that the early years are a time of critical brain development; and that when parents are partners in their child’s education, the child will thrive in a Montessori classroom.

Our admissions process is designed to inform interested families about our school so that you can make the best decision for your child’s social, emotional and educational needs.  The admissions process is designed to fully inform families about our program so that they understand how important their role is as part of their child’s educational development.

Of course, words alone don’t fully convey why Montessori children are so successful in school and in life, so we invite you to come and see our children as they interact with one another and with their teachers.

Classroom observation is the best opportunity to become familiar with our school.  You might observe in the toddler community where children as young as fifteen months prepare snack and set the table to enjoy their meal. What you might expect to see in a primary classroom (ages 2.9 through kindergarten) is a child writing a label for the shapes found in the geometric cabinet while a younger classmate is carefully tracing the shapes of the same cabinet. Another child may be busy creating an art collage while a group of other children is engaged in a math exercise with the “golden beads.”  One child may be concentrating on carefully slicing a banana for his morning snack while another is sounding out words with the moveable alphabet. All of these activities happen simultaneously and naturally as children easily acquire skills in math, geometry, communications and art. What they are also acquiring in these examples is a growing sense of independence as well as how to successfully work with other children.

The elementary program (1st through 6th grade) is designed to help children make that transition to more abstract skills.  A combination of individual work and group collaboration promotes critical thinking, problem-solving skills and cooperation that are necessary at all levels of education. Montessori graduates combine excellence in academics, community values and stewardship of the environment with the dignity and purpose of human endeavors.

We hope these steps will help facilitate an understanding of Adams Montessori School and our commitment to the Montessori method of education.   If you are interested in learning more about Adams Montessori School, please contact our admissions coordinator or 617.773.8200.

We look forward to meeting you!