A Family Commitment

Adams Montessori School recognizes and helps foster the critical relationships that every child has within their families. Maria Montessori taught her principles as a foundation for life. In this spirit, we believe that ongoing parental involvement is integral to the Montessori experience.

Throughout the year, Adams Montessori School offers parent information evenings, parent coffee hours and numerous opportunities for workshops and lectures. Parents are invited to observe in classrooms, participate in parent-child evenings (held twice a year), and come to the school play and the science fair in the elementary program. Parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year as well. Parents are encouraged to volunteer their time for fundraising events and school-wide events throughout the year. We hold a benefit gala in the spring and the upper elementary class raises money for a four daytrip to New York City to participate in Montessori Model United Nations.

The first week of school is an exciting one! Returning children settle into their comfortable surroundings while new children slowly become familiar with their new community. While the children and teachers become acquainted, families greet each other at what has been affectionately called ‘Coffee Jitters’. In late September, families get together at our school picnic. In October, the school community celebrates its diversity at an International Potluck. In November and January, Adams Montessori School hosts an Open House where we encourage parents to volunteer their time and experiences.

During the winter months families get together for ice skating and our pancake dinner. Spring is welcomed with several fun nights out for parents, which have included wine tasting at a local winery and dancing at local venues. The year rounds out with an end of year picnic where prospective families get a chance to meet their new community.